Worship & Nurture


Sunday School is usually a lively gathering of children of all ages, who enjoy the stories, games and craft activities provided by our team of dedicated, and patient, workers and helpers.

Sunday Afternoon Service has a strong liturgical framework but is flexible in its presentation.

Monday Morning Service every Monday a class from the local Primary School visits Llanfair with their teacher to attend a short service which has been prepared specifically for them followed by squash and biscuits.

Wednesday Afternoon Service sees the celebration of a Weekly Communion.


The group meet on Mondays at 11am.

The Nurture Group began on the Ninth Monday before Christmas 2015, and still meet each week at Llanfair, though during lockdown, this was on Zoom. Its purpose was to develop leadership, to give people the confidence to talk about christianity and their christian faith. There is a core of loyal members who started at the beginning, and still attend regularly (including one who lives in Austria). It also includes a small group of people from a chapel in Blaen-y-Cwm, Rhondda who originally came to teach the group to sing in the style of Taize but now are regular members of the Group.

The group study and discuss contemporary Christian thinking, most recently using books by Revd. Dr. John I Morgans based on the works of Alan T Dale. The group is currently studying some of the writings of the Jesus scholar Marcus Borg.

The group have become fast friends, meetings are a safe place where anything can be discussed, ideas and theories voiced, without recrimination, or ridicule. In addition to a fuller understanding of the Bible, members have gained confidence in themselves and regularly lead worship both in Llanfair and their own local Churches.