Sunday School and Sunday Worship

This Week’s Readings

25th June 2019

Reading: Acts 9.1-9 – 20; NW 160

Saul was hot on the trail of the Friends of Jesus, thirsting for their blood. He went to the High Priest and asked him for warrants to search the Meeting Houses in Damascus, to arrest all ‘the People of God’s Way’ – as the Friends of
Jesus called themselves – and to bring them, men and women alike, as prisoners to Jerusalem City. He set off along the Damascus Road. He had almost reached his journey’s end when, suddenly a light from the sky burst on him and he fell down on the road. He heard a Voice. “Saul! Saul!” the Voice called. “Why do you treat me like an enemy?” “Who are you?” asked Saul. “I am Jesus – and you are treating me like an enemy! But get up and go into Damascus City. You’ll get your orders there.” His fellow-travellers stood speechless with fright; they heard the Voice, but they saw nobody. Saul got up. When he tried to see where he was, he found he was blind; they had to lead him by the hand into the city. For three days he was blind and had nothing to eat or drink.

Thoughts of the week

Saul a good man, a deeply religious man spent his life seeking to follow the Way of God. His refusal to compromise with the truth made him arrogantly certain of his own rightness. His way was the only way. “I will do it My Way.”
Those undermining the truth were dangerous and needed to be opposed and destroyed. There could be no dialogue, no negotiation – only elimination. He thirsted for the blood of the enemies of the true faith and was determined to put an end to any dangerous heresy. He had almost reached his journey’s end when a light from the sky flashed upon him and a voice from heaven thundered in his ears. The Light blinded him and the Voice spoke to him by name. Saul was known personally by this mysterious, overwhelming and fascinating presence. Whose was this voice? It was that of his most bitter enemy, the son of a carpenter whose friends audaciously claimed to be the Way, Truth and Life for the whole of humankind. Saul, blind, helpless, unable to eat and drink lived for three days as if in a tomb.

Prayer of the week

In all seasons, let peace prevail
Dear Lord,
We thank you for the gift of peace. It’s a gift that only you can give.
Lord, we are living in great turmoil – hunger, disease, poverty and tears.
The cost of living has gone so high; there is so much desperation and despair.
Lord, your children are crying out to you – hearken unto us and bring forth a breakthrough.
We pray that above all we will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are in control. May we be still and know that you are God who never fails.
We stand on your promises that you have a good plan for us – one of prosperity and not harm.
We pray that as we go through the various seasons of our lives – the ups and downs – that your perfect peace will prevail through all things.
We place our assurance on you knowing that you are above all things and in you all things hold together.
Be glorified Lord. Arise and take your place.

(© 2011 Laura Wachira, Kenya)